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The Benefits of Window Tint in Winter with Llumar Film for Residential and Commercial Spaces

As the winter months approach, homeowners and businesses in Coeur d’Alene (CDA) often look for effective ways to increase energy efficiency and comfort. One solution that is gaining popularity is window tinting, especially using high-quality LLumar window films. TintWorks Window Tinting, a leading service provider in CDA, offers specialized LLumar film solutions for both residential and commercial window tinting. Let’s delve into the benefits of this innovative solution during the colder season.

In winter, keeping your home or business warm and comfortable is a top priority.This will provide an additional layer of insulation to your windows. This helps retain heat inside, reducing the burden on your heating systems. For residential and commercial properties alike, this means lower energy bills and a more sustainable footprint.

Even in winter, UV rays can cause fading and damage to your interiors. Our films excellent UV protection, preserving the color and integrity of your furnishings, carpets, and artworks. In addition to this, they reduce glare, which can be particularly harsh during winter due to the reflection off snow, enhancing comfort in both home and office settings.

The shorter days and longer nights of winter can raise concerns about privacy and security. Residential and commercial window tinting provides a shield against prying eyes. This is particularly beneficial for ground-level offices and homes, where privacy is a premium. Additionally, the extra layer of film enhances window strength, offering an additional barrier against break-ins.

TintWorks’ installation of LLumar window film also enhances the aesthetic appeal of both residential and commercial properties. The film offers a sleek, professional look that can complement any architectural style. This is not just a functional upgrade but also a visual enhancement, adding to the curb appeal of your property.

The benefits of using Tint Works Window Tinting in Coeur d’Alene, ID for residential and commercial window tinting, especially during the winter months, are significant. TintWorks Window Tinting offers expert installation and a range of options to suit different needs and preferences. By opting for this solution, property owners in CDA can enjoy enhanced comfort, energy efficiency, protection, and aesthetics throughout the winter and beyond.

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TintWorks Partners With CW Wraps for Larry H. Miller Toyota

Partnering with other local businesses throughout the Coeur d’Alene & Spokane area is a common occurrence at our shop.  A community network that continues to grow allows us to recommend the best options for customers completing their homes or businesses as well as share information on the benefits of window film for a wide variety of projects. Which is how we ended up partnering with CW Wraps for our most recent job! We want to extend our gratitude to Sam Carlino, CEO of CW Wraps for recommending TintWorks Commercial & Residential Window Tinting to the staff at Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota. Through this partnership, we were able to provide a solution which will not only stop glare but also dramatically increase the energy efficiency of their building.


If you’ve had the chance to visit the new Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota location, you’ll know exactly why they called us. Like many buildings with that much glass on their storefront they initially went with the clear choice of blinds. While blinds may help reduce visible light and glare, they don’t stop the rising indoor temperatures that inevitably lead to expensive summer energy bills from cranking up the AC. They also will not block UV rays or reduce fading of your flooring, fabric or other belongings.


This why we installed DR-15, a dual-reflective film technology that pairs a reflective outside-facing layer with a subtler inside-facing layer. The film’s dual-sided technology allows it to provide significant solar control while maintaining outside views after dark. It also blocks 99% of the sun’s undesirable UV rays, keeps all areas feeling cool, and saving energy by stabilizing temperatures, reducing the need to rely on other indoor cooling systems.  


While installing blinds seems like an obvious no-brainer for this specific project the right window treatment can solve the main problem many don’t realize is that of actually capturing the radiant solar heat generally absorbed in glass and expelling it from the room. In addition to blocking UV rays, our LLumar window film rejects up to 85% of the sun’s heat, eliminating hot spots and heat gain while reducing glare. Our window tint will also increase privacy and security as people can’t easily see the film which will reinforce and hold the glass in place in the event of it breaking by force.


The application process is simple, the tint is applied to the inside of the windows, and it is entirely maintenance free, clean it as you would any other window. Our staff’s primary goal at TintWorks is never about the sale but more educating our clients to help them make the right choice for their unique situations to help protect their assets from harmful UV damage while improving energy efficiency.  


We take pride in helping our clients find the right product to fit their needs at an affordable price whether your primary concern is form or function.  Our dedication to solving problems unique to each situation is why we have been in business for 30+ years becoming a favorite go-to source for window treatments and solar window film in the pacific northwest. Not only are our films more affordable than other treatments, but they can also be decorative, are more easily cleaned and are far more effective than blinds or drapes in cooling and protecting from the sun’s harmful rays.


Call TintWorks (208) 762-8468 for a no hassle, in-person consultation at your space today.


We enjoyed working on this project at Larry H. Miller Toyota through the recommendation from CW Wraps & Marketing, and each of these businesses offers their great local services.  We hope you check out what they have to offer!


CW Wraps & Marketing, located in Northern Idaho provides local and national marketing services. Emphasizing innovative design and excellent customer service, CW Wraps prides itself on the personal attention it offers to every client. They provide their clients with a range of services from customer & fleet wraps to stickers and banners. You can connect the staff at:

(208) 777 – WRAP or stop by the shop at:

5070B East Seltice Way

Post Falls, Idaho 83854


Larry H. Miller Toyota proudly serves the Spokane, Coeur D’Alene, Tri-Cities and Spokane Valley region with quality Toyota vehicles. With models like the Camry, Corolla, Matrix, Tundra, and Venza, they have something for every taste and need. If you’re looking for a used car in Spokane, they can assist you there as well. Visit their inventory page at? To see their extensive collection of pre-owned vehicles. They also provide a full line of services dedicated to Washington customers from Toyota auto repairs performed by expert mechanics, to OEM Toyota auto parts, to car loans. Within walking distance of the historic Davenport Hotel and Towers, Larry H. Miller Downtown Toyota is a must visit while enjoying all the great city of Spokane has to offer; whether it be the great skiing at Mt. Spokane or Schweitzer, the fantastic fishing in nearby Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, or the renowned art and cuisine of the downtown area. Meet the friendly staff located at:


1128 W. 3rd Ave Spokane, WA., or give them a call at 877-261-8561.






(208) 762-8468

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Commercial Window Tinting Larry. H Miller Spokane Washington TintWorks Commercial Window Tinting Larry. H Miller Spokane Washington TintWorks Commercial Window Tinting Larry. H Miller Spokane Washington TintWorks Commercial Window Tinting Larry. H Miller Spokane Washington TintWorks Commercial Window Tinting Larry. H Miller Spokane Washington TintWorks Commercial Window Tinting Larry. H Miller Spokane Washington TintWorks Commercial Window Tinting Larry. H Miller Spokane Washington TintWorks Commercial Window Tinting Larry. H Miller Spokane Washington TintWorks Commercial Window Tinting Larry. H Miller Spokane Washington TintWorks


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TintWorks Provides UV Protection for the Historic Avery Depot

This week TintWorks, Inc. visited the Avery Museum Complex South of Coeur d’Alene.  The complex is focused around a former Milwaukee Road (Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railway) depot which was in operation from 1909-1974.  The depot is included in the National Register of Historic Places due to its use as an evacuation site during the Great Fire of 1910.


The complex was originally built by Milwaukee Rail as part of its Pacific Extension into the Northwest from Chicago.  In its prime, the railway boasted the fasted route to the coast due to its use of electric engines and direct nature of the rail line through the Bitterroots which was accomplished through the use of multiple tunnels and trestles.  In the early 1900’s this feat of engineering was completed by multiple teams of railway workers and 14.7 miles can be taken in today on the Route of the Hiawatha trail.


During its time in operation, the Avery Depot functioned as a division point of the transcontinental railway and a rest stop for passengers.  When the Milwaukee Railroad went bankrupt in the 1980s the depot was sold to the town of Avery for use as a community center. The building now houses a museum, the city’s post office and library, a meeting room in what used to be “The Beanery” 24-hr cafe and the original fish pond where today’s visitors are encouraged to feed local trout species.


The reason for TintWork’s to visit this historic site was a Twin Grove railcar located next to the depot.  The car was restored after being bought by the town in 2003 and now contains railway memorabilia and photos documenting the areas historic past.


When Avery Citizens became concerned with the amount of damage being caused by the sun to the historic memorabilia we made the trip along the St. Joe River to provide protection from harmful UV rays penetrating the rail cars windows. We used LLumar CTX Series. The nano-ceramic technology in this auto tint creates an oasis inside your vehicle (or train) that’s cooler reduce heat penetration by 60%, easier on the eyes, and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays with a UV rating of 99.9%. Call us today for your project needs!


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STCU Contracts TintWorks for Downtown Spokane Branch

STCU and Rocket Bakery share this two-story, 3,300 square foot space adjacent to Urban Outfitters in downtown Spokane. The design reflects a unique partnership and required thoughtful planning since STCU and Rocket Bakery operate on different schedules.

The street level primarily houses Rocket Bakery, with a small STCU station located near the entry. A large painted mural fills an interior wall and continues up the stairs to the skywalk level. Created by Spokane’s Cain and Todd Benson the face-filled mural depicts familiar downtown landmarks.

The upstairs of the shared space where STCU is located was in much need of protection from the sun. STCU contracted with TintWorks commercial window tinting division. The windows in your office, retail or residential should be assets, not problems. And you want your clients (and your client’s clients) to enjoy the beauty of those windows, not avoid them. The new branch is completely surrounded by windows making TintWorks commercial window film create a more pleasant work environment, by controlling the sun. Our window film reduces heat build-up, cuts distracting glare and can help lower your energy costs — keeping everyone happy.

Commercial Window Tinting | Spokane | Window Film

Commercial Window Tinting | Spokane | Window Film

Commercial Window Tinting | Spokane | Window Film

Commercial Window Tinting | Spokane | Window Film

Commercial Window Tinting | Spokane | Window Film

Commercial Window Tinting | Spokane | Window Film

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Mountain West Bank uses TintWorks, Inc for remodel

TintWorks Window Tinting & Mountain West bank

Mountain West Bank, Division of Glacier Bank’s, board of directors, management and personnel believe that banking is about more than financial products. For a bank and the community to succeed, investment and promotion of the welfare of the communities where it conducts business is essential.

Their CDA branch has recently gone through renovations with a local trusted contractor WIlliamson Johnson Company, who specializes in commercial building projects in the greater Kootenai County and Spokane areas. Williamson Johnson Company entrusted TintWorks during the final phases of construction for our commercial window tint services.

We provided privacy and glare reduction for the drive up bank tellers and for meetings in the conference room installing white frost tint and V-14 window film.

V- 14 Window Tint Offers:

  • Benefits and selection criteria
  • Rejects up to 80% of solar energy, reducing heat build-up and energy costs +
  • Blocks >99% of ultraviolet rays*, helping to protect furnishings by reducing premature fading +
  • Blue-gray hue with low interior and high exterior reflectivity +
  • Reduces glare and eye fatigue +
  • Optically-clear sputtered film with advanced color stable technology +
  • Manufacturer’s limited warranty


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10% off Commercial & Residential Window Tinting

Your home and business are at the center of your life, a personal space you share with people and customers. And your windows are one of the greatest assets: full of problem-solving, decorative potential. Our window films for homes help you realize that potential, making every room or space more welcoming and safe, both inside and out. Imagine the cooling effects of solar film, the stylish privacy of decorative film, or the protection of safety and security film. During the summer of 2018 receive 10% off Commercial & Residential Window Tinting in Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding area when you use code “TintWorksSummer”

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Style and protection with LLumar solar control window film.


Red Bull bought Jaguar Racing just prior to the start of the 2005 Formula One season—a logical continuation of Red Bull’s longtime enthusiasm for motor and extreme sports. Following the change of ownership, the team’s offices were refurbished and restyled to reflect Red Bull’s official colors. Accordingly, the bulk of the building’s exterior was painted silver, and the architect wanted to continue the effect across the whole façade. So who better to call then LLumar Solar Film.


The architect asked LLumar manufacturer CPFilms to suggest a silver-effect high performance window film to cover the glazing on the façade. LLumar solar control window film R-20 SR HPR was recommended for the job. Not only would this film give the modern mirror look sought by the architect, it would also significantly reduce solar glare—another important benefit desired by the client.

See The Results Here

TintWorks Comercial Window Tint Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Window Tinting Coeur d’ALene Idaho

TintWorks has helped many buildings with temperature fluctuations (and subsequent energy bills) are due to sunlight streaming through office windows. Too much sun and things heat up. But when the sun shifts or goes down, so does the temperature.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that one-third of a building’s cooling load is from solar heat gain through windows, and nearly 75% of existing windows are not energy efficient. 

One easy, and cost effective way to keep the temperatures in your building as constant as possible is with LLumar energy-saving window film. TintWorks in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho offers free estimates to help with energy savings utilizing LLumar Films.

Professional energy audits estimate that buildings retrofitted with LLumar energy-saving window films can realize annual energy savings as high as 15%, with reduced carbon emissions and a payback often as low as three years. … Continue Reading Here 


Window Film Lowers HVAC and Lighting Energy Use

Does Window Film come to mind when you think about energy-savings potential? For most facilities professionals, lighting and HVAC are high on the list. Investing in energy-efficiency retrofits for both of these systems at once could break your budget (especially depending on the projects’ ROI), but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything to improve their efficiency.

With high-performance, low-e window film, commercial building owners often experience both lighting and HVAC energy savings … and a full return on investment in less than four years. How? Because this type of low-e window film increases the insulating performance of windows, which improves energy efficiency of the building envelope.

Energy savings often start with the building envelope because it acts as a barrier between indoor and outdoor environments. It also helps manage temperature and lighting levels.

Lighting Energy Savings from Window Film
When solar heat gain and glare aren’t controlled, blinds and shades are often used to reduce fading, keep tenants comfortable, and stop glare. When closed, blinds and shades can address these issues … but they can also limit views, create a need for more artificial lighting, and prevent daylight from entering.

Despite the myth that window film makes indoor spaces dark and increases reliance on electric lighting, window film can actually decrease lighting costs. A University of Padua research team recently studied window film’s affect on lighting in MG Tower. Even though this modern Italy office tower had up-to-date HVAC systems and new windows, facilities management still struggled with occupants who were uncomfortable due to solar heat gain and glare from windows. The team found that window film installation addressed glare and discomfort; it also offered a considerable increase in useful daylight because blinds were closed less often.

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